Why Total Market Strategy is the New Mainstream

Alex Perez | August 5, 2015

With an ever-growing multicultural population, marketers are starting to realize that the multicultural customer is the new mainstream. By using a total market approach, the shift in strategy will result in increased efficiencies and sales due to the larger, new mainstream targeted with a single message.

Here’s why an integrated, total market approach is necessary:

  • Brand Perception: Consumers identify with brands that reflect their values. While consumers may appear different on the surface, the best campaigns identify insights that are universal to a diverse audience.
  • Market Share: What were once niche markets have gained significant spending power. Marketers must adjust their strategy to appeal to a remix of cultures (the new mainstream) or they will lose market share.
  • Media Relationships: Media outlets that once overlooked the niche cultural markets are now touting content for an integrated population, so it makes sense for companies to adjust their messaging to reflect these new values.

First determine the market geographically — regionally or nationally — then identify the mix of the locality’s cultural groups. This will allow you to establish the best messaging and media to reach the targeted consumer, based on their media consumption and brand engagement. The most effective total market campaigns will use one brand voice for all audiences.