The Real Secret of Blockbuster Brands

Maria Umbsaar | August 5, 2015

In today’s increasingly convoluted landscape, brands need to learn how to compel audiences away from other devices in order to survive.

We could spend hours banging our heads against the wall, asking, "What is the secret formula for content that creates unfaltering brand loyalty?" Or, we could simply go to the movies. Consider this: viewers devote 480 times more attention to a feature film than to a website (Time)*. The reason is not the amount of content. The reason is character.

We fall in love with characters — their quirky habits, their desires, their faults. We give up two hours of our lives to live vicariously through them, in hopes of feeling…something. This is the secret. Give your brand an emotional hook, a mission, an obstacle. Make it a little less perfect and a little more human, and audiences will line up to cheer you on.

For inspiration, check out Joseph Campbell’s exploration of character archetypes and monomyth: The Hero with a Thousand Faces. It makes for a great summer read, and just might help you turn your brand into a blockbuster.