SEOlution: Why Internal Linking is Overlooked and Underutilized

Chris Herbrand | October 20, 2015

No SEO strategy is exactly the same, but there are core strategies that brands should use regardless of industry or category. Internal linking is one of them.

There are a few benefits to implementing an internal linking strategy:

  1. It gives Google and other search engines a clearer understanding of your website and its content, which allows them to crawl and catalog your content more efficiently.
  2. It can help bring users to other relevant areas of your website that they might find interesting, which increases the chance of them linking back to your content.
  3. It can help funnel authority from overly popular pages to perfectly relevant pages deeper in your website that have fallen off the radar due to time and/or neglect.

Optimize internal links with relevant anchor text to clearly communicate the subject matter. If Google and the other search engines continuously see anchor text that is similar and that links to the same page, the chances of that page showing in search results for similar words are higher.

Internal links should be part of every SEO campaign because they are one of the factors within your control.