Retargeting: They Love Me. They Really Love Me.

Howie Cohen | March 11, 2016

It’s one of the great sales conversion tools of our social age.

Retargeting. You visit a website and it sneakily drops a "cookie" on your computer that tracks you across the Internet; only to follow up later with helpful reminders to buy, buy, buy.

Some people think it’s creepy.

I think of it as helpful suggestions from people who really care about me.

Last month, a pair of Donald J Pliner shoes popped up (again) on Facebook. Trendy orange soles aren’t exactly my style, but I grabbed them up for only $200.

iTunes loves my taste in music. When I buy one song, they tell me about twenty others they’re sure I’ll enjoy.

I’m now spending $100 a month on music I never listen to.

Just today, a $2,000 trail bike appeared on my Facebook page. The only trail I ever ride is the sidewalk to Starbucks. But if they’re so sure I’ll love the dirt, who am I to argue?

They love me, they really love me.