Mobile: The New King of Digital Consumption

Deniz Kahriman | April 18, 2015

We are now past the mobile tipping point: we use our mobile devices to access Internet more often than our desktop devices. Since mobile eclipsed desktop in 2014, brands lacking mobile sites have seen an increasingly negative impact. It’s bad news when your target audience can’t find you, but it’s even worse if they find you with a poor user experience, frustrating them into leaving your website within three seconds.

The shift from desktop to mobile didn’t happen overnight, but how did we end up here? Here are three main reasons that accelerated this shift:

  1. Increasing ownership of mobile devices: More than half of Americans now own a smartphone (Nielsen). Tablets are on the rise as cheaper models roll out and smartwatches are next in line to take a bite from the big mobile pie.
  2. More sophisticated users: As part of the customer journey, we now seek more information about the products and services we use or purchase, especially on the go. We browse recipes in grocery stores, check for competitive online prices or look up a restaurant to make a reservation after we get into our cars. We are more mobile and hungry for information.
  3. Love of apps: About 89 percent of time spent on mobile is through mobile apps (Nielsen). In other words, if you want to make your brand visible on mobile devices, you need to enter the app world. Don’t worry, there is an app for everything, so you won’t have any issues finding your target audience. However, if you want to make sure that you are reaching a large pool of users, go social. Facebook is still the most-used mobile app and the majority of the TV conversations are happening on Twitter in real time.