Marketing Automation is the New Black

Tonya Walker | September 15, 2015

Marketing automation has gained popularity in recent years thanks to the emergence and accessibility of automation software.

It allows you to deliver personalized, relevant content to customers, leads and prospects, and to nurture leads across multiple channels.

Many companies purchase marketing automation software thinking it comes equipped with all the necessary tools to generate, qualify and convert leads, which is why many out-of-the-box software implementations fail.

Before you automate, consider these four things:

  1. Be strategic. A constant flow of new leads is crucial to successful automation. Relevant content attracts new leads and keeps prospects engaged throughout the buying cycle. You’ll need a library of content that speaks to your audience’s needs and challenges.
  2. Be realistic. Marketing automation tools help streamline and scale successful marketing efforts. You should already be generating a steady flow of leads and have a proven engagement strategy before deciding to automate.
  3. Start small. Create small pilot programs that can scale if the desired results are achieved. This way, you can easily identify successes and failures early on.
  4. Document everything. Keep a working master document explaining your internal processes, system configuration, program/asset naming conventions and overall strategy. Don’t rely on one employee to be the central knowledge base for your organization.