Is Your YouTube Channel a MeTube Channel?

Maria Umbsaar | March 20, 2017

Babies. Cats. Gangnam Style. Those videos where people react to things. And blend other things. And fail miserably or succeed epically at… everything. Ask any human with an internet connection what's most popular on YouTube and you'll get some pretty savvy answers. So why are brands still engaging in boring acts of self-promotion (you know, those ads people can't wait to skip)?

You must get comfortable with this idea: your YouTube channel isn't for you.

Turns out, marketers are humans, too. And humans are creatures of habit. So we go on posting videos about products and features that urge everyone to Buy Now! and Click Here! even though we know there's no way we'll ever come close to achieving the glorious view counts that some father in Florida got for posting a home video of his son after dental surgery. Okay, so boring = bad, we get it. And we all have some bad video habits to break. But there's this little voice in our head that says, "But my brand is different. We sell shoelaces. Or metal electronic connector thingies. Or something else equally conservative that will never be fun so we are destined to make boring videos forever."

Not so fast, Mr. Boring pants.

If you truly want to earn epic view counts (and the SEO and conversions that come with them), you must get comfortable with this idea: your YouTube channel isn't for you (or your brand). It's for the millions of viewers out there who are hungry for entertainment. Make relevant content for them and you will be rewarded generously. Instead of making a video about how your shoelaces are made from reinforced heavy-duty cotton (snooze)... why not tie a bunch of them together and use them to climb out of a window? Or take your metal electronic connector thingies and put them in a microwave for 30 seconds. Or donate them to a shelter where they will reinforce a solar collector that powers a soup kitchen. Awww!

The point is, this year, let's stop talking about ourselves. Let's make YouTube videos for the "You" we're talking to. Are you with me?