Is Influencer Marketing Right for My Brand?

Alexis Antoniadis | October 12, 2016

Did you know that brands increased their influencer marketing budgets by 59 percent in 2015? But before trying to get Kim Kardashian to rave about you, first ask: "Do I know the purpose of influencer marketing and how it can work for my brand?" Believe it or not, it doesn't need to involve Kim K. tweeting how much she loves you. (But if she reaches your target, by all means, carry on.)

Influencer marketing amplifies your brand by distributing content through people who already have an "in" with your core target. In return, brands get user-generated content and more brand loyalists after the activation is complete.

So, what influencer campaign is right for you? Here are three of our go-to campaigns:

Social Awareness

Your brand has been dormant, but you're finally back online. Launch a third-party campaign, and create a brand hashtag to be circulated through your chosen influencers and their social platforms. Leveraging a third party your audience already trusts will help your brand gain qualified followers.

Product Placement

Here's where Kim K. fits in. When launching a new product that needs to be seen by a certain audience, celebrities are the way to go. If that's not in your budget, consider micro-influencers. Micro-influencers may be lesser known, but they'll have a heavy following that speaks to your target. More brands are finding micro-influencer activations more successful than higher-tier celebrity campaigns.

Creative Influencer

Does your brand have a seasonal sales goal, perhaps tied to a specific holiday or event? Implement an influencer activation that will create content tying your product or service to that specific time period — like back to school, holidays or sports finals — making it even more relevant to your audience.

No matter what type of brand you are, there is likely an influencer campaign that will work with your overall marketing goals. And remember, 47 percent of online consumers are using ad- blocking technology, so endorsements from trusted influencers will only become more vital.