Flash is Dead: Why HTML5 is the New Standard

Salim Peerally | December 7, 2015

Google DoubleClick, a pioneer in online advertising, decided to move away from Flash and instead automatically convert ads and content to a programming format called HTML5.

Completely different from Flash, the format companies have been using for years, HTML5 is the new standard for marketers. Here’s what you need to know:

  • HTML5 animation loads faster. Faster means a better user experience.
  • More mobile apps and games will come out of this technology, and they don’t have to be complicated. Google used HTML5 to recreate the PAC-MAN game for its 30th anniversary — simple, brilliant and entertaining.
  • HTML5 animation is programming-based, so people with disabilities will finally be able to interact with animated content. For example, screen readers can’t show Flash videos, but they can read HTML code and convert graphics to accessibility-compliant content.
  • We will see smoother animations that work on more devices. Soon we’ll see more animation using 3D layers, for an even better experience.
  • Most importantly for marketers: HTML5 banner ads and animations are SEO-friendly and can be crawled by robots, which should boost your brand’s ranking in search results.