Do You Need Mobile Video in Your Media Buy?

Jason Smuckler | June 10, 2015

While consumers watching cat videos on the YouTube app is nothing new, more and more money is being funneled into acquiring mobile ad space to play video. Think of how much money you spent on mobile video last year and consider the trend.

U.S. mobile video ad spend is forecasted to reach $6 billion by 2018, as increasing data speeds and scalable video production continue to flood the space (eMarketer). How is your brand taking advantage?

Traditionally, mobile video content has been restricted to YouTube pre-roll, with a handful of streaming video apps thrown in for good measure. With the rise of programmatic advertising services that connect brands with apps that make sense, it’s now easier than ever to find your target audience at the right time with the right message and execution.

Mobile video is especially thriving as screen size is getting bigger. This allows for a richer user experience that increases time spent on mobile, which in turn gives your brand a bigger opportunity to catch your target’s attention.

Screen size works to your advantage in the case of video and interstitial ads that take up the entire screen. With nothing competing with your ad, buying space here gives your brand total share of voice — and video has a better chance of increasing awareness and recall than a static ad.

In fact, awareness isn’t the only area where mobile video excels — mobile video ads average a click-through rate of 1.09 percent, 18 times greater than 0.06 percent for display (Google’s Rich Media Gallery)!

With proven results and seemingly no ceiling, mobile video will continue to innovate through content and influence action. Don’t let your brand be left behind.