CSR: The Magic Trifecta

Tori Young | August 5, 2015

Studies show that millennials are believers in corporate social responsibility (CSR), and expect brands to follow suit. Marketing agencies have taken notice by growing their businesses to include CSR offerings, but truly integrated marketing demands that CSR be part of an overall brand strategy.

As an integrated marketing communications agency, advising clients on corporate social responsibility is something we’ve always done as part of our integrated approach. But CSR efforts need to align with the brand strategy so they will be authentic and believable to the consumer — otherwise they fall flat. Our mission at Phelps is to do great work for deserving clients, and CSR naturally flows from that premise.

Our Dunn-Edwards Paints client implemented a program that donates thousands of gallons of paint and mistints to charities and worthy causes. Dunn-Edwards is known as a leader in its industry, and the company is giving back in a relevant manner that connects with consumers’ perceptions of the brand.

As the desire for cause marketing increases with consumers, agencies are promoting it and brands are asking for it — which makes CSR a magic trifecta worth exploring.