3 Tips for Entering (and Winning!) Marketing Awards

Connie Kwon | August 5, 2015

Award applications can be daunting, often requiring an essay and portfolio of images, results and clips for submission. From 2014-2015, Phelps won 37 awards for work with clients like SoCalGas, Los Angeles World Airports and Panasonic. From our experience, here are three tips for entering awards competitions:

  1. SHOW MEASURABLE RESULTS Award entries often lose because of a lack of measurable objectives and actionable results. Clear objectives and results (e.g., $100,000 increase in sales, 20% growth) provide a concrete way to judge the success of the campaign. Without them, campaigns seem more of a "nice try" instead of showing real growth.

  2. RECRUIT SOMEONE OUTSIDE THE TEAM TO WRITE A DRAFT Team members who worked on the entry project daily may be tempted to add too much detail. Enlist someone outside of the team to draft the entry. As an outsider, they’ll provide perspective on what’s most important and would be impressive to judges.

  3. WRITE THE ENTRY LIKE A STORY Think of the entry as a movie — the protagonist (brand) starts with a problem that it must overcome, gathers more information to inform next steps, devises a plan based on info, executes ideas and reaps successful results.