13 Days of Halloween

Maddie Glenn | October 23, 2017

Forget haunted houses. Sometimes the scariest moments happen at the office. To celebrate the season of spooky, we're counting down the days til' Halloween with 13 terrible tales of terror.

We'll be posting a new video each day, so keep checking back for more. If you've got your own scary office story, leave it in the comments below!

Day 1: EOD

Day 2: It's a Mad, Mad Office

Day 3: The Blair Print Project

Day 4: Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Day 5: A Nightmare on Outlook

Day 6: The Swingline Stapler Massacre

Day 7: TRICK or treat

Day 8: Paranormal Snacking

Day 9: The Omen (Not Another Meeting)

Day 10: The Broken Lead Zone

Day 11: Trapped

Day 12: Monday of the Living Dead

Day 13: The Devil's Polycom