El Segundo Taps Phelps to Attract Travelers

February 14, 2018

Marketing and PR campaign will promote city as tourist destination

El Segundo has turned to Phelps to help the city shine as a coastal destination in Southern California. As agency of record, Phelps is creating the first full-fledged marketing and PR campaign to tout the city as a tourist destination, while expanding on an existing campaign (“where big ideas take off”) to attract businesses. The campaign aims to capitalize on the attention and traffic a series of upcoming events, including the Olympics and the Super Bowl, will bring the area.

Begun as an industrial corridor 100 years ago, El Segundo has come to be home to many Fortune 500 companies, but its value as an overnight and leisure location isn’t widely appreciated. The timing to change that is right, the Los Angeles Lakers new state-of-the-art practice facility is in the city, while the Los Angeles Rams and San Diego Chargers build a new stadium nearby, and the area readies for the Super Bowl in 2020 and the Olympics in 2028.

“We’re a welcoming beachside community next door to LAX and we have a relaxed vibe with one of a kind restaurants, museums and shops,” said Barbara Voss, El Segundo economic development manager. “Phelps has a well-earned reputation for creating priority destinations, so we’re counting on them to make a lasting impression across today’s myriad of channels.”

Phelps has helped revitalize several destinations, most notably transforming Tahiti into a top spot for vacationers through a long-running advertising and PR campaign promoting the luxury of privacy. To bring travelers to El Segundo, Phelps will brand the city and create online advertising, content, search, social media, and media relations programs, while publishing a newsletter to keep businesses in the loop on El Segundo’s progressing corporate scene.

“This is the kind of comprehensive marketing effort we’re designed for,” said Ed Chambliss, CEO of Phelps. “Branding a city takes more than any one marketing element, it takes bringing it all together so communications trigger positive shifts in perspective. We’re experts at getting people to notice hidden gems.”

For example, media relations and social media will bring the business scene to life through stories of companies thriving in El Segundo. And a unique brand promise for the city will be made to local Southland residents and tourists through useful tools (e.g., maps and brochures distributed by hotels and retail establishments) as well as advertising and media content.